Saturday, April 25, 2009


Rachel was baptised on the 18th of April 2009 at the Epping Building after taking the lessons from Elder and Sister Rawlins. We were so surprised that she wanted us there, but she said that after hearing our talks at Seymour, she decided it was time to find out more and move forward. We were very honoured and very excited for her and for her family.

One of the great blessings of serving here in Melbourne, is the opportunity to see old friends. Although many are no longer in the area, or have gone, it's great to say hello to Peter Farmer (Elder Farmer), who serves as a service missionary at the Mission Office looking after the fleet of cars and flats. It's also been great to see John Thompson, who used to be of Dandenong (in the really old days!) but is now Branch President of Seymour Branch, one of the loveliest branches we know of.

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Our Zone Conference last week was really great. Elder and Sister Callister of the Area Presidency and President and Sister Lee our Mission President and wife gave us wonderful presentations and the day simply flew by. We have lots of notes to go through and to refer to and so much information to process. Really fabulous day and it was good to meet Elder Callister again. He actually remembered Santa Rosa and the luncheon we fed him when I was Stake Relief Society president. He even asked to be reminded of President Scribner's name and said how much he enjoyed being there with us. He is in the back centre of this picture at Zone Conference.

President and Sister Lee

Elder Rasmussen with Elder Nelson at Zone Conference

Sisters DeCamp, Backshall and Jacob at Zone Conference. DeCamp and Jacob are in our district - Glenroy.

Now, get ready for the piesta resistance!! Elder Nelson's mother sent him the mother of all t-shirts and of course he just HAD to share it with Elder Rasmussen!! And of course, Elder Rasmussen just HAD to have lots of pictures taken of it. After all, U should understand how he feels about U! He is as red as they come! Enjoy.

So, what goes better with red shirts than good red meat! Here's a display at our local Coles Supermarket. Elder Rasmussen just had to have a picture for posterity!

It's always fun to be able to share with Mum and Dad and so on the way home from General Conference at Deer Park, we had them and Elders Nelson and Gerona stop for tea (dinner). We had such a nice day and evening together.

Another really amazing blessing of serving here is the close proximity to so many of my ancestors' homes (or at least where most of them used to be). You can imagine how I felt when taking this picture and then realising it was the home of my 2ndggfather, Charles Russell. I knew it felt special!
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Well, another day is drawing to its close. It's been a very special day here today - ANZAC Day where all the soldiers of Australia who have served in any conflict from the First World War to Afghanistan are honoured and remembered. Every city, town and village have had their march, their ceremonies and their memories revisited. A very special day filled with patriotism, gratitude and moving moments of tender emotion. For those who are not aware, ANZAC is the acronym for Australia and New Zealand Army Corp - the Diggers who fought and died in Europe during WWI, especially Gallipoli. At 11am on this day everything stops, traffic, merchandising, walking, sports, everything while each in his or her own way takes one minute to remember those who have fallen, those who have given the supreme sacrifice in defending freedom and family. I love ANZAC Day.

Bob and I have had a lovely day together too. We have driven to all corners of Melbourne north of the Yarra River, taking photos of ancestor's homes and enjoying the beauty of this incredibly beautiful city. We had lunch in a wonderful little cafe run by Turkish people. We wandered along tree-lined streets and looked in the windows of all kinds of little shops and boutiques. Mostly we just enjoyed each other's company and exploring together. Then we came home and saw bits and pieces of a very, very, VERY exciting footy game and watched Essendon edge past Collingwood to win in the last 30 seconds! My kind of day. My team. Good on youse Bombers! Perfect ending to a perfect day. And just to top it off, it's even raining a little! Keep praying we need every drop.

Have a wonderful day too! We love you -
Elder and Sister Rasmussen
Mum and Dad
Grandma and Grandpa
Bob and Glenys


middledavis said...

I loved reading your post. Thanks for keeping us updated on your mission. Bill and I are doing well. It's a cool spring so far, but we've had sporadic warm days, too. Things are greening up!
Frances English

Our Australian Missionary Adventure said...

We loved the walk down memory lane as it also brought back memories of our days serving in Victoria, so many good friends and shared experiences with cousins, PROV volunteers, and ward members.
Congratulations are reaching the
5 millionth image taken at the PROV. Your work will be appreciated long after you're gone and many will find their lost ancestors because of your work and the help of the volunteers. Family History and Digital Imaging are great tools for linking our families together.